Existing Overseas QROPS

Have you already transferred to an overseas QROPS?

If you have already transferred your UK pension fund out of the UK to a QROPS, it may be useful to make sure you’re still on the right track with a professional review. Many people have overseas QROPS plans that they have previously taken out that may not have been reviewed since they were established.

Many firms have updated technology that may help you to reduce the fees you are paying, as well as increasing your investment options.

Alexander Peter will review your QROPS and make sure your retirement savings are on track. We’ll help you:

  • Understand how your fund is performing
  • Determine if your investments are aligned with your objectives
  • Relax knowing that your investments are aligned with your appetite for risk
  • Feel reassured that your retirement savings aren’t being eroded by high fees
  • Get a clear idea of all your options, now and when you retire.

Get advice that will last a lifetime

If you haven’t had your QROPS reviewed by a qualified financial planner since you transferred your pension savings, or have concerns that your investments may not be working as hard as you’d like, get in touch.

Our expert team are fully licensed and regulated in both the UK, Switzerland and internationally . This means you can relax knowing that, with knowledge on both sides of your move, we are perfectly placed to help you plan for your future ahead.

All our advisers are qualified and have in-depth knowledge on both the UK and Swiss systems. We can help you set up and start your life abroad and are ready to support you every step of the way.