Investment Management

Investment Management

We will help put together a portfolio that is right for you and provide both onshore and offshore solutions. 

Whether you are new to investing or want to re-evaluate your existing portfolio our expert advisers will work with you to provide an investment recommendation that takes into account your financial goals. 

Holistic planning means after evaluating your attitude to investment risk and taking into account how much you have to invest, as well as other assets such as pensions, we will then develop an investment strategy that meets your needs both today and in the future. 

Monitoring your plan

 Once we have established your portfolio we monitor the performance and will make changes as required. 

You will be able to see regular reports and valuations on the performance of your investment and your adviser will contact you on a regular basis to talk through your investment and to check the performance against the plan.

If you move away from Switzerland, no problem we have licenced offices in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and throughout Europe meaning we can provide the same level of service wherever you are ensuring your investment is still relevant and on track to meet your financial objectives.