US Expat Services

US Expat Services

Living and working abroad can be both exciting and financially rewarding. However unfortunately American expats are dealt a rough deal when it comes to finances. Even the process of opening an overseas bank account can seem to be an impossible tax. 

As a US connected individual working outside the US, you need to take care of how you structure your financial plans as the US operates a citizen based taxation system meaning you have a continued US tax filing requirement. 

In addition many of the financial products and solutions available in your new country of residence are likely to be classified as Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC’s) back in the United States which could have significant tax ramifications. This issue is now compounded with the majority of institutions reporting the assets of Americans abroad under FATCA.

Why choose us

Fully licensed and regulated in Switzerland and the US, Alexander Peter Wealth Management provide specialist advice to American expats and international employees living around the world. We have advisers based in the UK, Australia, Europe, and the US.

We are privately owned and totally independent. So, you can rest assured that you will receive the most appropriate and US compliant recommendations from the open market.