Pilar 2 Pensions

Pillar 2 pensions

The3 Pillar system is one of the best pension systems in the world. If you have Pillar 2a and/or Pillar 2b pensions there are key times when you should review what you have and if this is set up to provide you with the retirement you want.

  • Planning on retiring in the next 5 years
  • Planning on leaving Switzerland or have just left
  • Have left your current employer to start a new job
  • Are currently unemployed
  • Need to review your retirement strategy

These are some of the key events in life that should trigger a review of your pensions. Staying on top of your pensions now means that you will be well prepared to lower taxes, maximise returns and ensure your funds are working hard for you.

Did you know that on leaving your current employer your Pillar 2 scheme is converted to a vested benefit? Typically, the returns on Vested Benefits are a fraction of 1% per annum.

Or did you know that you have the ability to transfer your Pillar 2 pension to a scheme situated in a lower taxed canton meaning less taxon your pension in retirement.

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